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Fan as friends
not numbers

Fan Relationship Management
The all-in-one CRM tool for social media

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Example of a Universal Fan Profile
Really understand your fans

Universal Fan Profile

Connect fans’ behavioral and conversational data to understand each fan as unique individuals.

Track interactions and engagements
Identify and gain insight on your top fans
Map user preferences and interests
There's an audience for that

Audience Builder

Narrow in on the right crowd based on fans’ behaviours, preferences, and characteristics.

Build and manage audiences on the fly
Compatible with traditional CRM data
Segment based on behaviors, interactions, and more
Example of a Universal Fan Profile
Example of a Universal Fan Profile
The right message to the right person

Precision Messaging

Automate 1-on-1 conversations with fans that are tailored and customized.

Integrate social media and direct messaging
Behavioral retargetting
Track conversational data

From fan impressions
to fan relationships.

FRM (Fan Relationship Management) empowers brands to grow and build deeper 1-to-1 fan relationships at scale


per campaign


Improvement in engagement


Open rate on average


Improvement in weekly retention

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